Monday, August 29, 2011

Naturalistas and the Media

Happy Monday Curly Girls!
I was watching television over the weekend and was pleasantly overwhelmed with all the beautiful Naturalistas featured in commercial ads. I first thought to I noticing this more just because I too have decided to love my natural curls, kinks and waves and accept with God granted and my momma gave me? Or was it really truth looking back at me that mainstream media is finally looking at natural hair as something desirable! 

I'm hoping it's the later. Time will only tell if like the curly perm  mainstream will diss us for another do and deem our crowns a don't. But right here and now we are in the forefront! It's amazing! Our little Naturalistas can see someone that looks like them gracing magazine covers, being the leading lady and the fashion plate! Loving every minute of it and enjoying the ride!


  1. Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus. Yes, you definitely do see many more naturalistas in the mainstream media these days and I LOVE IT! Check out the sweet twists Lisa Gay Hamilton sports in Men of a Certain Age (Netflix).

  2. Oh the weather outside is frightful...well actually it's going to be warm and humid which isn't so frightful since it allows me to go natural! I love going natural and giving my hair (and arms) a break from extreme styling. I now embrace and welcome humidity! Thank you, curly girls!