Monday, October 3, 2011

A Good "Mane" is Hard to Find

As a transitioning Natuarlista, finding the right hair style to make this process as painless as possible has been a little on the difficult side. Now I know there are the go to staples, the braid out and twist out. But what happens if those styles have given all they have to give and there is no spark, no luster, no excitement left in your go to guru???

This idea of a  "Good Mane is Hard to Find" was literally born out of my frustration on one of my bad hair days! Like the journey to find the perfect "mate" finding the perfect style whether you are transitioning, newly natural or have been natural for a lifetime is something we all  struggle with at some point.

It's just like the courtship process in dating. At first, you and this new hairstyle are ALL about each other. You revel in its beauty and compliment it's flare for making you feel fierce. Then after the nostalgia of the honeymoon period wears off those little quirks, the curl that didn't bend the way you wanted, the piece that didn't quite twist in your twist out, the braid that flopped in your updo, you know the things that at one time gave you character are  now on your hit list for making a good hair day turn into a straight nightmare!

Are you on good or bad terms with your Mane?  Have you had the chance to truly connect with your Mane? Feel free to share your stories and pics about your love affair with your hair!

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