Friday, October 7, 2011

My Three "E's" of Transitioning

As transitioning Naturalistas, we all go through various phases during this journey to becoming 100% Natural. During my current transition, I believe that I have experienced 3 phases (i.e. my 3 "E's" of Transitioning;

Enlightenment: During the Enlightenment phase I came  to the realization that relaxing or chemically altering my hair's natural state is not what I thought it was all "cracked" up to be (all puns intended!). As a dependent of the "creamy crack" from age 4 to 28, I thought that there was NO WAY I could live without a relaxer. But when I finally took the step to experimenting with stretching my relaxer and wearing sew-in extensions my blossoming relaxer free hair was strong, beautiful and ready to flourish! I realized that not only did the chemical make my hair weak and stringy it was something that I was extremely addicted to. I did not want to be consumed or dependent on any substance to make me feel beautiful. I made the decision to make a change. That's when I knew I was now ready to move to embracing this new me!

Embracing : During the Embracing phase I had to become fully committed to take action! If I was going to  make the decision to take this "transitioning" thing on for the long hall, I realized that I needed to not only embrace my hair but this new me that this change had created. I admit, I didn't want nor did I think that my hair's connection was a spiritual one but it has proven to be just that. As I began to learn and educate myself about my new "do" a new sense of me was unfolding before my eyes!

Empowerment: Now I'm ready to be empowered and empowered other ladies in this journey. Not only have I been more vocal in my day to day with talking about the beauty of natural hair but the benefits of being comfortable with me holistically.   This blog has come out of  relishing in the empowerment phase. My goal is to connect as many Naturalistas to one another while building a platform that empowers women to love themselves unconditionally from head to toe and everything in between.

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