Friday, October 28, 2011

To Wig & Protect

Happy Friday Naturalistas!
As the weather begins to turn and we usher in the harsh realty of winter, I've started to focus more on how to protect my thriving tresses. As you know, I am a long term transitioner and protecting not only my new growth and established natural hair but the line of demarcation between the healthy and the chemical treated ends is a top priority.

During my transition I've stayed true to the braidout/twistout. My go to style and I will remain thick as thieves! However, to give Mahogany a break I've been researching lace front and full lace wigs. Now I've never been a wig wearer but love the idea of a polished look that I can wip off as soon as I walk in the door (unlike a sew-in weave).

Now I'm no expert nor do I make the claim to be, but one woman who has been my wigspiration and go to for all things wig related is Many Faces of Beauties.

Take a minute and check out her blog!

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