Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hairfinity's 5 Rules for Longer, Healthier Hair

Use these tricks of the trade to grow long luscious locs!

1. Treat your hair like it is fragile. Once your hair is broken, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, you should make an effort to avoid anything that can cause your hair to break. Using a wide tooth comb, sleeping with a satin scarf, and wearing protective hairstyles can help keep your hair from breaking.

2. Use products that rebuild your hair and keep it healthy. Developing a hair care regimen that includes a gentle shampoo, protein treatments, moisture treatments, and moisturizer can help keep your hair strong and healthy.

Give your hair what it needs to grow properly. Nutrition and overall health plays a vital role in the health of your hair. Vitamins, sufficient water intake, and exercise can help your hair to grow faster and healthier.

4. Keep it Simple. Do not use too many different products on your hair. If you have a bad reaction to one of your products, you will not be able to determine what caused it. It is best to find products that really work for your hair then use them consistently.

5. Trust your instinct. No one can take better care of your hair than you. Your hair is a part of you, so no one cares about it more than you do. Learn the proper way to care for your hair and you will see a big difference in it. This does not mean that you can't still go to your stylist, but you should also know what your hair needs and when it needs it.

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