Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glam Fairy Glamor: Natural Hair Doesn't Make the Cut!


On a recent episode of Style's Glam Fairy, Alexa Prisco and her glam squad transformed a group of rough and tough football femme fatales into glamorous goddess to help promote the team and empower the ladies to change their image on and off the field to gain sponsorship. Overall my hat goes off to Alexa for the amazing transformations. However, I jump off the glamor bandwagon with the loss of the team owners lovely locked tresses.

According to Alexa, the only way to truly make heads turn and become a force for all things "pretty" the locs had to kick rocks. As an ever transitioning Naturalista, my awareness to negativity surrounding natural hair is definitely heightened. The image of this woman cutting her locks stirred my soul and flamed my spirit. As she emerged onto the field after her makeover in a flowing shoulder length weave, I couldn't help but turn the channel in disgust.

After constant education, awareness and empowerment of Naturalistas, why are we stagnant in society's true definition of what is glamorous?

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