Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caring for your little Curlies

Earlier this month I wrote a guest post for MinnesotaCurls on my little Curly Niyah. I wanted to share it with the Curly Girl Curl-munity in efforts to continue to provide information and education to help women like me care for their Curly Cuties tender tresses! 

Keelii & Niyah 

As the mother of a natural beauty, I am dedicated to educating my little princess on the importance of embracing her natural kinks and coils. As nature plays a major role in shaping ones ideology, I strive to create a nurturing environment for my daughter that uplifts and empowers her to love and adore her whole self.  From the top of her head to the tips of her tiny toes, I want her to embrace the “skin” she’s in and the coils that crown her head.  Leading by example and celebrating my own natural beauty has begun to cultivate a strong foundation for my daughter to embrace her natural hair.

From day one I cared for her delicate tresses with tender loving care to ensure healthy strong growth.  From puffs, to ponnies, twists to braids, creating protective styles that require low manipulation and minimal styling time have been extremely important. 

 As a busy 2 year old, my daughter has amazing patience during the styling process. We spend quiet time together every morning and evening to ensure her hair is moisturized, protected and thriving. After styling her hair for the day, she smiles as she looks in the mirror at her chocolate brown coils. Looking up at me she states “Mommy, my hair is pretty.” And I reply, “Yes baby it is, indeed! 

Niyah’s Hair Regimen
Pre-poo: Organic Coconut Oil and Mixed Chicks Conditioner for Kids
Wash (2x a month more if needed): Mixed Chicks Shampoo for Kids or DevaCurl No Poo
Co Wash: Mixed Chicks Conditioner for Kids or DevaCurl One Conditioner
Seal:  Organic Coconut Oil and  DevaCurl One Conditioner (mixed in spray bottle) or Juicy Mist Leave-in Moisturizer
Refresh: 100% H2O (WATER!)  and Juicy Mist Leave-in Moisturizer

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