Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oprah Praised... While Gabby Slain

First and foremost I want to praise Ms. Gabby Douglas for her ground breaking gold medal win, but also for being a beautiful young black woman with poise and grace! The naysayers that have taken to social media attempting to overshadow her triumph with ignorance and backhanded comments are feeding into the perpetual stereotypes that black hair in its natural state is less than desirable. 
With the increase in amazingly positive images of African and African American women ROCKING their natural tresses, I thought we had moved past the point where we condemned our natural beauty!  

In the same breath the WORLD went crazy when Oprah adorned the current issue of  O Magazine with naturally coiffed hair.  This completely boggles my mind!
Don't get me wrong,  I love the fact that Oprah chose NOW to show her natural tresses and I'm not belittling the fact that she is an iconic beauty in our community. However, Gabby too has broken down barriers and moved mountains for little girls everywhere. Why are women in our own community so  focused on her hair and NOT on her attributes to history?

Homework...reevaluate your ideology.

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