Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wash Day Wednesday! A Product Review For My Transitioning Curly Girls

Transitioning is a long journey. Demystifying the science of your ever changing hair becomes exhausting and let's be real, down right expensive! Trying product after product to find the right "curly cocktail" of products that not only nourish your emerging curls but offer strength and balance to those oh so fragile chemically altered ends. In a transitioning Naturalistas time of need a step by step process can be the answer to those frustrating wash sessions! Carol's Daughters Transitioning 1-2-3 kit provides a 3 step process that nourish, strengthens and creates balance in the tug of war of the transitioning process

Last Wash Day Wednesday, I had the opportunity to sample the Transitioning Kit on Ms. Mahogany Brown. As always, when trying new products I like to test the fragrance and product consistency prior to use.  The product fragrance was fresh and airy with minty undertones and a slight aroma of patchouli. While overall the consistency of both the cleanser and anit-breakage treatment has a milky texture. The treatment was much thicker than that of the cleanser as it is created to prevent breakage and molds to each strand.
Anti-Breakage Treatment

3 Step Product Contents 

  • Purifying Extra-Gentle Cleanser
  • Renewing Scalp Spray
  • Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment  

  • Product  Usage:

    I used the Transitioning 1-2-3 kit per the instructions.  I started with the Purifying Extra-Gentle Cleanser washing with warm water. I was quite surprised that the cleanser had foaming agents as I have grown accustom to my staple products which are mainly no-poo non-foaming cleansers. After carefully washing and ensuring my hair remained detangled, I sprayed the Renewing Scalp Spray starting with a one inch section on the right hand side of my hair and worked the product in gently. I continued this process throughout my entire head until complete. Per the instructions, I let this sit on my scalp for a total of 15 minutes then washed clean with warm water. Completing the 3 step process I applied the Anti-Breakage Treatment to my hair and covered with a plastic cap (intensifying product results) and let set for 15 minutes. I again rinsed hair clean with warm water and continued to my styling routine with the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Simple.Perfect.Curls.

    *** Important tip! The Transitioning 1-2-3 kit is to be used in your cleansing process.  To style hair be sure to use products that reinforce moisture and balance. For more suggestions on styling products that work well pairing with this wash regimen click here.

    My Results:

     They say a picture says a thousand words! And The amount of pictures I took of my hair after sampling the Carol's Daughters Transitioning 1-2-3 kit  is INSANE!! The results left my curls poppin!! I couldn't believe the amount of definition I had after letting my twist loose!  My scalp felt amazing! My hair was well extremely clean, well hydrated and bouncy! I definitely feel that the Transitioning 1-2-3 kit clarified my hair and rendered amazing results!


    Carol's Daughters Transitioning 1-2-3 kit will definitely be added to my hair regimen as a clarifying treatment. I plan to use the kit at least once a month to eliminate extreme product buildup that regular co-washing or low poo cleansers may leave behind. My recommendation for 100% Naturalistas and Curly Girls is to use the kit as a clarifyier, for my transitioning Curly Girls, I would increase usage to at minimum 2X per month.

    CGATW Final Grade: 

    Great Products + Moderate Pricing + Accessibility = A


    Another OUTSTANDING Grade for Carol's Daughter!  


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