Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wigging For Winter 2012

Happy Thursday Curly Girls!

As the weather turns cold, I hope you are all preparing your beautiful curls for the change in season.  Winterizing your  hair care regimen is a MUST!!   Two of the most important components of this updated regimen should include moisture and protective styling. 


For 2012, I have opted to TRY wiggining it again this winter as my protective style option. For those of you who have been kindredly kinked with me since last year know that I tried this method before and FAILED!!!  My intentions were to wear my wig during the week and rock my natural hair on the weekends.

lace front wig 2011
lace front wig 2011 (curly)

After about a week of wearing this wig I was completely OVER IT!!! I felt the wig looked too "wiggy" and I completely missed wearing my natural hair! 

 In 2012 I'm  at it again! This time with a full lace wig from RPGSHOW (which means more styling options)!!! First impressions of this wig are that I love it! It looks more like a weave then a wig (which I can totally handle!) Plus It flows more naturally and allows more versatility then my first wig. 

 Again, my plan is to wear my wig during the week and rock Ms. Mahogany Brown on the weekends

2012 RPGSHOW Wig
2012 RPGSHOW Wig

What will be your winter hair  care regimen ? What protective style will you be working with? 



  1. I have a TWA and have considered wigging it, but it would be too strange if I came time work with hair all of a sudden. Do you know of any places where I can find some nice short wigs that won't look like a hat?
    By the what, I'm loving your 2012 wig.

  2. Thanks Kenyatta! One of my favorite local treasures that carry reasonably priced units is Soho Hair and Wigs in Woodbury, MN. The staff are fabulous, friendly and knowledgeable. The shop provides a boutique experience with a huge array of units to choose from! For more information on Soho Hair and Wigs, please visit

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